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Bahn zum Berg

How can people be motivated to use public transport?

We have been dealing with this topic for a very long time and other organisations are also addressing it specifically in relation to certain target groups.

Since 2020, the NGO Bahn zum Berg has been involved in this issue, specifically targeting the people who set out for mountain sports - and Alpine Pearls strongly support these activities.

Through public relations and cooperation, a network and concrete offers have been developed to make it easier for people to decide to take the bus and train instead of their individual car:

  • A digital platform gives tour tips and shows matching public transport schedules.
  • A search engine called "Zuugle" makes it easy to find publicly accessible mountain tours.
  • These services are available for Austria, Bavaria and, very recently, for Slovenia, and soon also for South Tyrol.

We think these offers address precisely those challenges that are very often criticised. Therefore, if we remove these hurdles, it is a strong promotion for more environmentally friendly mobility behaviour.

EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH