Otepovci is a New Year's custom in Bohinj, where the New Year is welcomed with masks and disguises. The masked, so-called Otepovci, come to wish people luck, satisfaction, health and fertility for the New Year. The masks are also rather jolly than scary and intended for the good, happy start into the new year! The masked group consists of "baba" (woman), "voča" (man, father), "fehtar" (beggar) and "metlar" (broombinder) who cleans the house with a broom of the "bad". Depending on how tall the masked group is, there are other characters who all walk around Bohinj together from house to house. The arrival of the masked is usually very loud and especially the children can not wait for the Otepovci to reach their home. Most residents invite the Otepovci into their home and offer food and drinks, the masked dance to accordion music and bring joy and fun to the houses. For those who do not invite the Otepovci, pranks are played, which is interesting and exciting for visitors of Bohinj and tourists.

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