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Arosa Bärenland makes you experience sustainable animal welfare

In front of an impressive alpine backdrop, Arosa Bärenland is currently being built in our Pearl Arosa. A unique project in Switzerland combining sustainable animal welfare and innovative tourism. You will learn how and why the bears have found a new home in Arosa Bärenland, as well as much more about bears. The visitor platform offers a unique view of the expansive Bear enclosure and invites you to an exciting and informative visit.

Surrounded by pastures, shrubs, rocks, alder trees, streams and forest, five bears will find a new, species-appropriate home. All were rescued from bad posture and can find their way back to natural behavior in their new home.
Meaningful and sustainable animal welfare are the guiding principles of the Arosa Bärenland. At the same time, Arosa makes it possible to increase the attractiveness of the summer season. Together with the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS, the initiators of the Arosa Bärenland allow animals from bad posture to live an animal-friendly life.

The first inhabitant of the Arosa Bearland is already known: the last circus bear in Serbia. The still nameless bear is a hybrid of European brown and polar bear and was confiscated in November 2016 by Serbian authorities, under the logistical assistance of FOUR PAWS.
Until his rescue at the end of October 2016, he lived in terrible conditions in the now closed Serbian Circus Corona. The rescue team found him then in tiny, rusty and greasy metal cage, which offered no protection from rain and sun. The tall bear could not even straighten up in his cage. The official procedure for the final placement of the confiscated animals in now completed, so that the three bears can finally move into their new homes.

In the Zoo Palic, where the future Arosa bear lives transitionally, he has been very active and has a friendly nature, even to fellow species in neighboring enclosures.

Access Arosa Bärenland  easy and sofly mobile as part of the Mobility Guarantee: to the Arosa train station with the free local bus or the Rhätischen Bahn. From here you can walk directly to the valley station of the Arosa Weisshorn cable car via the pedestrian bridge. The Arosa Bärenland is located at the middle station of the Weisshorn cable car.