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Softly mobile on tour in Bled

With its brand 'Bled Green Ways', our Slovenian pearl Bled is moving even further towards electromobility. The first project was an automatic bike-sharing system called 'Bled. Green Ways', which currently operates four lending stations. These are located in Triglavska roza Bled, Camping Bled, in Zasip and in Ribno, each about 3.7 kilometres apart, connecting the rural surroundings with the city of Bled. The system currently has 24 bikes, 8 of them are e-bikes. Over the next two years, the number of lending stations and the number of bikes to be leased will increase, and by 2020 an additional 4 new lending stations will be installed in Bled and the surrounding area. This allows residents, as well as guests, a car-free and emission-free means of transportation and is the perfect link between city and countryside.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

In addition to the innovative bike-sharing system, Bled has also upgraded towards electric-vehicle friendliness in recent years. There are currently 16 charging stations for electric vehicles and 32 parking spaces for electric cars in Bled. The company Petrol manages the use of public charging stations. Furthermore, there are also charging stations of private providers, such as hotels that offer the charging service to their overnight guests. In the next few months, two additional charging stations in Seliše will be connected to the existing network of 16 stations. Thus, the municipality of Bled can provide the e-vehicle users with 18 charging facilities and 36 parking spaces available by the end of the year, so far, the charging of e-vehicles is still free of charge. The municipality of Bled takes an significant step towards a traffic-calmed recreation area and soft mobility, in the spirit of Alpine Pearls.