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You can now rent a BMW i3 in Disentis

BMW i3 Disentis

In Disentis in Grisons, all guests are now able to rent a BMW i3, which they can use to experience the breathtaking surroundings of the Alpine Pearl on their own. Comfortably and environmentally friendly you can take the weekly shopping home to the apartment with the electric car or start a trip with the whole family or some friends. With the introduction of the electric car, Disentis continues to expand its mobility guarantee. Now you can comfortably and gently reach the remarkable spots, that the free local bus is not going to.

The BMW i3 is equipped with a range extender. This is a gas powered alternator that automatically turns on when the battery is low. This will never leave you without a drive on the track.

Even without a range extender, the BMW i3 has an impressive range of about 200 km, so nothing stands in the way of a trip to Lucerne or Lake Maggiore. Or you take off for a hike on the Oberalp Pass, where the Rhine rises at Lake Toma and where a striking lighthouse, based a Dutch model, marks the origin of one of the most important rivers in Europe.

You can rent the i3 elctric car including 4 seats, unlimited mileage and insurance, at a daily rate of 50 CHF via the website of Disentis-Sedrun.