The Partners

Alpine Pearls (Lead Partner) (Austria)

1_APsAlpine Pearls (AP) is a transnational association of 25 municipalities across the alpine regions of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, France and Switzerland, which aims to promote sustainable tourism activities for local development. AP is based in Werfenweng (A) and was created in 2006 as a results of the development of two EU projects – Alps Mobility and Alps Mobility II. The association coordinates the activities of its 25 members and ensures that Quality Standards for Sustainability are satisfied across the network.
Since 2013 AP is working for the establishment of the Alpine European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (Alpine EGTC), directly involving all its 25 institutional members in meetings and assemblies aiming to define the future framework for cooperation.
The AP cooperates with ministries, service providers, tour operators and regional and national tourism organizations, across the 6 countries, being also involved in lobby activities at EU level.

Contact: Alpine Pearls – Weng 42, A-5453 Werfenweng / / Tel: 0043 (0)6466 200 20 /


Bad Reichenhall KUR GMBH (Germany)

2_Bad_ReichenhallBad Reichenhall Kur (Germany) is the local agency for tourism and EU projects for its Municipality, member of the AP network. It is in charge with the Municipality’s activities concerning networking and event planning within the AP Network, and also with the ordinary coordination of tourism related activities.
Bad Reichenhall is located in Bavaria, and has a population of 17,500 inhabitants.
The municipality and its agencies promote a local development framework based on soft mobility. For that purpose both the Municipality and its agencies cooperate with public transports enterprises, aiming at the reduction of Co2. Soft mobility is highly promoted also within tourist activities: all tourists are encouraged to reach Bad Reichenhall by train or bus, to use non-pollution transports like electric cars, Segway, bicycles and horses.
Also, Bad Reichenhall is active in the process of establishment of the Alpine EGTC, attending periodic meetings and assemblies organized by Alpine Pearls.


Bled Municipality (Slovenia)

4_BledThe Municipality of Bled (Slovenia) has a population of 8,145 inhabitants and spreads into the Slovenian Triglav National Park. Bled is a member of the AP network since 2009 and has seven partner cities: Villach and Velden (A), Bressanone (IT), Doberdo del Lago (IT), Dubrovnik (HR), Henley-on-Thames (UK) and Vračar (SRB).
Bled participated in 2012 to the Town Twining project “Free Movement” and the Networks of Towns project “Creative Villages” in 2013. In 2013 Bled joined the EUlakes network: an European project aiming to share best practices between European cities and to valorize lakes within the framework of the EU 2020 strategy.
Its experience in citizens’ involvement in EU projects promoting the EU framework qualifies Bled as an essential partner within the GEMS network. Moreover, Bled is active in the process of establishment of the Alpine EGTC, attending periodic meetings and assemblies organized by Alpine Pearls.





Forni di Sopra Municipality (Italy)

3_ForniForni di Sopra (Italy) has a population of 1,200 inhabitants, and spreads into the Dolomites Natural Park–UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. The municipality is a member of the AP network and bases its local development strategies on traditional crafts, soft mobility and sustainable tourism.
The Municipality aims to achieve energy self-sufficiency by means of its renewable sources: hydro-electric power plants, extension of the district heating with biomass plant, solar collectors and photovoltaic for huts and sport centers. In fact, the green energy strategy allowed for the reduction of the air pollution in the area by 3120 tons of CO2, which brought to the Municipalities the following awards:

  • 2014: “Save”– Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (IT)
  • 2014: “Eco HighTech” by Ecoqualit
  • 2012: “Le Buone Nuove”- Re inventare la Città – Earth Hour by WWF

Also, Forni di Sopra is active in the process of establishment of the Alpine EGTC, attending periodic meetings and assemblies organized by Alpine Pearls.


Moena Municipality (Italy)

5_MoenaMoena Municipality (Italy), AP network member, has a population of 2,700 inhabitants and is located near Paneveggio Natural Park.
Its local development is based on: sustainable forestry, production of traditional dairy and sustainable tourism.
Moena aims to promote its local products, maintaining local identity and traditions, both within and outside the community. In fact, thanks to its efforts to promote and protect traditional knowledge of production methods, the famous local cheese, “Puzzone di Moena”, has been awarded with the legal protection of the European “Protected Designation of Origin”.
The Municipality is willing to foster the transfer of traditional knowledge of dairy production to the new generations.
Moreover, the Municipality development strategy promotes the use of renewable energies among its residents and local producers.
Also, Moena is active in the process of establishment of the Alpine EGTC, attending periodic meetings and assemblies organized by Alpine Pearls.



ISIG – Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (Scientific Partner)

LOGO_ISIG_PNGISIG believes that the future of peaceful relations can be achieved by the reciprocal acknowledgement of cultural differences and regarding them as enriching resources rather than obstacles.
From this ISIG has developed the concept of “international sociology” which combines the theoretical structures of border sociology (centre and periphery concepts), rural-urban sociology and insights on international relations from political science and sociology.
ISIG starts each new activity with the in-depth acquisition of the client goals and objectives. Based on these – and on its 40 years long experience – ISIG designs a proposal and a work plan that will meet the client’s needs in an efficient, effective and scientifically valid way.
ISIG carries out research on direct assignments, participating in public tenders promoted by organizations and agencies at regional, national and international levels and responding to EU and other international agencies calls for proposals.
Since its foundation, ISIG conducts its activities for the private sector and national and international agencies such as the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the Province and the Municipality of Gorizia, various Italian Ministries, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the UN (ECOSOC).

Contact: ISIG – Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia – via Mazzini, 13 I-34170 Gorizia / / Tel: 0039 0481 533632 /