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Workshops for sustainable mobility in the Alpine region

The Project

What we want

The Mobility.Camp.Alps project aims to develop and strengthen sustainable tourism offers and, as a result, promote the reduction of CO2 emissions. If the local population does not support the projects, there is often a lack of credibility at sustainable offers. That is why the involvement of the local population is the stated goal of the project.

By integrating the local population and heighten their awareness for the aspects of sustainable tourism, the authenticity of sustainable tourism offers can be increased and tourism in the communities be more attractive in the long term. In addition, during the course of the project, the protocols of the Alpine Convention should be integrated stronger into the strategies and touristic offers, to make the Alpine Convention better known at the local level.

Who we are looking for

In general, the project addresses all people, with special focus on residents of the participating municipalities and residents of other Alpine Pearls municipalities. There are no restrictions on age, sex or other criteria - everyone is welcome to join Mobility.Camp.Alps.

What we do

Mobility.Camp.Alps is a project that is carried out in several steps, in particular through workshops, involving the local population. Communication and the exchange of ideas are key elements, as they help to reconcile different perspectives and experiences as well as cultural differences.

During the workshops, various methods are used, for example "BarCamps", which are open meetings with different working groups, whose contents and procedures are defined by the participants themselves. In addition, workshops are organized on the basis of an international, participation-promoting game ("Games without Borders") and in numerous further variants, in order to obtain diverse results.

At the end of the project, an methodology usable in the whole Alps should be created. Furthermore a guide has to be developed, to help increasing the involvement of the local population in the development of soft mobility offers. Afterwards the testing of the methodology in four pilot municipalities, two rural and two urban, follows.

At the annual Alpine Pearls General Meeting, the participating municipalities will present their results and developments in the form of a final workshop, and results will be exchanged. In this way, a cross-alpine exchange can take place and all players will benefit from the experiences of other municipalities.

What we want for the future

In a long term point of view, the aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the local population in terms of sustainable tourism and gentle mobility, and thereby improving the quality of life in the Alpine region and strengthen the local value chain of sustainable tourism.

Additionally the saving of CO2 through increased use of gentle mobility options has a positive impact on nature and the environment. Overall climate change, protection of nature and landscape as well as the issue of energy are becoming more and more important for new product developments.


The Partners

This project is financially supported by the german Umwelt Bundesamt and the german Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. 
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