Sustainable Tourism
New minorities promoting sustainable tourism in traditional communities
Future challenges of EU in the Alpine Region
how to build the sustainable future of tomorrow?
Building active citizenship
... for sustainable Alpine Communities

The Project

GEMS - inteGration and Solidarity European Models for Sustainability GEMS project establishes a network of small Alpine towns, engaged in the definition of innovative solidarity models for local development, so to answer common challenges of the current European scenario...

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The Partners

Alpine Pearls (Lead Partner) (Werfenweng, Austria)
Bad Reichenhall (Germany)
Bled Municipality (Slovenia)
Forni di Sopra Municipality (Italy)
Moena Municipality (Italy)

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The Events

Werfenweng - Austria (24-25.09.2016)
Opening ceremony

Bad Reichenhall – Germany (9-10.10.2016)
“Sustainable tourism and the future of EU: Soft Mobility strategies for accessibility”


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