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Renewable Energy Communities Alpine Pearls


Strategic Objective

Fostering Initiatives for Sustainable Mobility using Renewable Sources within a governance model based upon Energy Communities

Specific objectives

  • Creating and managing the dialogue with National and European regulation Authorities.
  • Creating synergies between Building Retrofit and Sustainable Mobility, e.g. by promoting the use of eCar batteries as a distributed energy storage capacity at city/village level.
  • Supporting the design of innovative business models based on Energy Transition.
  • Foster the participating in Research calls launched by the European Commission and International&National Authorities.
  • Paving the way to the “Citizen Energy Communities” (CEC) as defined by the European 944/2019 Directive, supporting National and European regulation bodies in their effort to foster Energy Transition.

Fostering, networking and support for

  • Designing and implementing “Renewable Energy Communities” (REC) compliant with the National adoption schemes of the European RED-II Directive along the Countries of the Alpine chain.
  • Supporting the production of energy from renewable sources (sun, water, wind, biomass, etc.) in a sustainable way, truly respectful of landscape and cultural heritage.
  • “Putting energy self-consumption at the center”, through Renewable Energy Communities and the use of innovative digital ICT-IoT platforms.
  • Supporting the production of hydrogen exploiting the potentials of hydroelectric sector.
  • Creating local contexts that are favorable to the use of Renewable Locally Produced Energy - RLPE for sustainable mobility (eCars, eBikes, eShutthes, eBuses)
  • Supporting the use of RECs to produce and manage RLPE.
  • Promoting the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel, with focus on skiing facilities (including snowcats) and shuttles.

Technical and scientific committee


  • Sergio Olivero Head, Business&Finance Innovation – Energy Center of the Politecnico di Torino President of the Scientific Committee of the Renewable Energy Community (REC) “Energy City Hall” of Magliano Alpi


  • Gianni Pietro Girotto President, Committee for Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Italian Senate (Italy) 
  • Maurizio Delfanti CEO, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE S.p.A. (Italy) 
  • Marco Bailo President, CER “Energy City Hall” Magliano Alpi (Italy) 
  • Gino Coradazzi President, Società Cooperativa Idroelettrica - Forni di Sopra (Italy) 
  • Josef Walch - Researcher Department of Sustainable Energy Systems & Bioeconomy University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (Austria) 
  • Alexander Bauer Professor, Division of Agricultural Engineering University of natural resources and applied Life Sciences – Vienna (Austria) 
  • Jens Lowitzsch Professor, European University Viadrina Frankfurt – Oder (Germany) 
  • Tomaž Rogelj Director, Bled Tourist Board (Slovenia) 
  • Bojan Stojanović Sales representative for Energy and Environmental Solutions at Petrol d.d. (Slovenia) 
  • Karmen Mentil CEO, Alpine Pearls – Tourism and sustainability consultant - ÖAR GmbH Vienna (Austria) 
  • Giovanni Vassena Consultant, Tourism and sustainability for Alpine Pearls (Austria)