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Beyond Snow

The project "Beyond Snow" is about the future of winter tourism in the Alps. Together with 13 other partners from the Alpine region, Alpine Pearls is working to increase the socio-ecological climate resilience of small snow tourism destinations and communities at medium altitudes so that they can maintain their attractiveness for residents and tourists.

Strengthening the Resilience of snow tourism destinations and Municipalities in the Alpine Region to Climate Change

Many small winter destinations at low and medium altitudes and municipalities throughout the Alpine region are confronted with the consequences of climate change, in particular the decline in snow cover and general snow reliability. Climate data shows that these effects will intensify considerably in the future. In addition to the ecological effects, tourism destinations are also confronted with the associated socio-economic consequences. BeyondSnow aims to increase the socio-ecological climate resilience of these destinations and enable them to maintain or even increase their attractiveness for residents and tourists.

For Alpine Pearls, our member Werfenweng is participating as a pilot working area. Our member Bohinj is also involved in the project as a pilot region via another project partner.

EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH


  • Research into the links between the current and future lack of snow reliability caused by climate change and the potential impact on Alpine winter tourism.
  • Development of new sustainable development paths, transition processes and realisable solutions in specific pilot work areas
  • Identify climate and socio-economic scenarios and vulnerability indicators and develop an innovative resilience adaptation model (RAM) for these destinations.
  • Development of a public digital resilience decision-making tool
  • Development of customised adaptation strategies, investigation and testing in pilot regions and application of the models and the tool
  • Training, dissemination and sensitisation activities for knowledge transfer and awareness-raising

Project partners

The project involves the following partners from six Alpine countries:

  • Eurac research (lead partner)
  • Legambiente Lombardy
  • Polytechnic University of Turin
  • Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Mountain Community of Carnia
  • EGTC Alpine Pearls ltd
  • Upper Gorenjska Development Agency
  • Arctur Computertechnik d.o.o.
  • Technical University of Deggendorf
  • Swiss working group for mountain regions
  • Community Network "Alliance in the Alps"
  • Association for the Promotion of the Transition Factory

Key data

Duration: November 2022 to October 2025

Funding amount: Total project budget: EUR 2,720,730 (75% co-financing), EGTC Alpine Pearls budget: EUR 190,675.

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Interreg Alpine Space Programme 2021-2027

Project website:

Current progress also on Alpine Pearls LinkedIn:


Are you interested in the BeyondSnow project and would like to be kept up to date? Then take a look at the latest newsletters. They contain interesting insights into the project activities, give concrete examples and information on suitable measures from participating regions and from the partners.

EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH
Interreg project Beyond Snow
Interreg project Beyond Snow
Interreg project Beyond Snow
Interreg project Beyond Snow
Interreg project Beyond Snow
Interreg project Beyond Snow