The Alpine Pearls admission criteria
The Alpine Pearls admission criteria

Your journey to becoming a Pearl.

All criteria at a glance.

For successful admission to the circle of Alpine Pearls, the following criteria must be met. Each Pearls defines its own internal controls. External control takes the form of regular reports on the progress of implementation to the board and presentations at the general meetings. Formal controls are also performed by the selected control body.

We differentiate between basic and goal criteria. The following focal points provide a general orientation in all efforts of the Alpine Pearls:

  • Eco-friendly mobility for day visitors and the local population
  • Preserving and improving the quality of the environment
  • Protecting and caring for the natural environment
  • Developing and safeguarding an atmosphere of well-being
  • Responsible and regional closed-loop economy
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General criteria.

  • The municipality commits itself to acting in line with sustainable principles.
  • The municipality has a mobility concept agreed by the municipal council.
  • No main traffic route (a road to other destinations such as towns, villages, attractions, etc.) with a traffic volume of more than 2,000 vehicles per day (annual average) may be located within a distance of 200m of the accommodation providers (at least 80% of the beds). If the main traffic route is equipped with noise barriers in the area of the accommodation providers or if this route passes through a tunnel in those areas, this required distance does not apply.
  • The municipality has areas with high-quality conditions for pedestrians which are free from private cars with combustion engines. These include pedestrian areas, parks, and local walking areas.
  • Municipalities that have a densely developed centre and are of an urban nature must have extensive, dedicated areas with highly favourable conditions with low levels of traffic for pedestrians and cyclists (e.g. traffic-calmed areas, street cafés, etc.). Furthermore, the centre must have a car-free area with especially favourable conditions for pedestrians (free of private vehicles with combustion engines). However, loading must be permitted at specified times.
  • The municipality has Alpine character and an attractive appearance that is typical of the region. There are no industrial plants and businesses that negatively affect the landscape with high levels of noise and pollutant emissions.

Eco-friendly mobility criteria.

  • In terms of mobility for a specific purpose, the municipality offers a mobility guarantee for those holiday guests who arrive by train or bus and are willing not to use their own car during their holiday. This mobility guarantee needs to ensure that guests
    • are taken from the train station or bus stop to the accommodation provider upon arrival,
    • are taken back to the train station or bus stop at the time of departure,
    • can reach excursion destinations and other important destinations on holiday such as restaurants, shopping options, pharmacy, events, infrastructure (e.g. mountain lifts, swimming pool, bike rental, starting points of hikes, etc.).
  • The range of mobility options must – tailored to the needs of tourists and the season – be offered every day and can be covered by:
    • bus or train
    • a local bus system
    • an on-demand bus system
    • horse-drawn carriages
    • cable cars/lifts
  • The range of mobility options must be integrated into the holiday offer for guests who travel by train or bus.

  • The mobility options must be offered with vehicles that meet the latest technological standards in terms of emission values (EU guidelines).

  • Luggage transport must be guaranteed during the inbound and return journey.

  • The Pearls must excel with an exceptionally high consulting competence regarding the range of mobility options in the region and the municipality that clearly sets them apart from other tourist destinations.

  • The range of mobility options for arrival and departure as well as the mobility options in the region must be available to guests in an electronic timetable.

  • Only accommodation providers that meet the defined criteria for hosts can become Alpine Pearls hosts.

  • The employees of the tourism association and the businesses that provide Alpine Pearls services receive training from the Pearl (proof must be provided) once a year on the content and philosophy of Alpine Pearls.

  • The Pearl provides information at the destination about the range of mobility options in the form of:

    • written informational material
    • references in all communication media (brochures, website, etc.) of the tourism association
    • general references when answering guest enquiries and bookings through the tourism association and the accommodation providers that offer the Alpine Pearls product
  • The Pearl refrains from actively promoting air travel up to a distance of 500 kilometres. For air travel from a distance of more than 2,000 kilometres, a minimum stay of seven days is actively promoted.

Mobility for day visitors, residents, and fun mobility.

To make the mobility for day guests as eco-friendly as possible, the Pearls demonstrably promote the use of public transport for day visitors (train and/or bus). The Pearls also actively perform public relations activities to inspire the residents to use public transport (train and/or bus). It is especially important that exclusively eco-friendly fun mobility is offered as part of the Pearl’s tourism services.

The Pearl core team.

The Pearl core team plays a guiding role in all Pearl activities. The core team includes Alpine Pearls delegates and one representative each from the municipality, tourism association, the hosts, and other strategically relevant partners. A core team meeting takes place at least once a quarter at the Pearls.

The Pearl coach.

Each Pearl core team appoints one employee for at least 20 hours per week (flexible models are possible) who is responsible for the operational implementation of Pearls activities. These duties include the Pearl check, the Pearl action plan, the cooperation with tourism service providers and partners, the Pearl events, and the Pearl public relations work. The Pearl delegate must participate in the Alpine Pearls Academy once a year.


Entry fee municipality/destination: € 10,000 

Membership fees 2023: 
Individual municipalities: €12,990
Destinations/holiday regions with up to 500,000 overnight stays/year: €19,485
Destinations/holiday regions with 500,001 to 1,000,000 overnight stays/year: €23,382
Destinations/holiday regions with 1,000,001 or more overnight stays/year: €25,980

Membership fees 2024
Individual municipalities: €13,250
Destinations/holiday regions with up to 500,000 overnight stays/year: €19,485
Destinations/holiday regions with 500,001 to 1,000,000 overnight stays/year: €23,850
Destinations/holiday regions with 1,000,001 or more overnight stays/year: €26,500

EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH
State of natural calamity following the flooding events of 29 and 30 June 2024
Activation of a bank account to collect funds

Please note that as of Friday 5 July, a bank account has been opened for donations to help the people of Cogne affected by the floods on 30 June, details of which are given below.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Municipality of Cogne Flood 2024
Banc: Banca BCC Valdostana
Reason: Offerta pro alluvione Cogne 2024 (Donation for the 2024 flood)
IBAN: IT93R0858731590000000003810