Alpine Pearls projects.

Cooperation and exchange.

We’re pleased to present the exciting transnational projects with which we’re contributing to sustainable tourism in the Alps. As a community network of destinations, we endeavour to exchange ideas and constantly move forwards. Through the projects, we are involved in interesting ideas and innovations relating to tourism and sustainability.

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The projects.

The projects range from environmentally friendly mobility and gently making regions more accessible to promoting the local culture and natural heritage. We work closely together with our international partners to develop innovative solutions, reduce the environmental footprint of tourism, and simultaneously support the economic development of each region.

A central objective of our projects is to develop eco-mobility concepts for the future and put them into practice. We invite you to take a closer look at our range of projects and become part of our sustainable tourism movement.

EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH

Projects in detail.

As the EGTC we are involved in innovative projects in all areas of tourism and related topics. The individual projects enable us as an institution and in the individual pearls to develop unique concepts and services that offer guests unforgettable experiences today and in the future.

Walking the path of sustainability
Central Mountains

The "Central Mountains" project strengthens governance structures and cooperation between the Alps and the Carpathians, including the Sudetes. Together with 10 other project partners, the EGTC Alpine…

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Walking the path of sustainability
Beyond Snow

The project "Beyond Snow" is about the future of winter tourism in the Alps. Together with 13 other partners from the Alpine region, Alpine Pearls is working to increase the socio-ecological climate…

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Walking the path of sustainability
Reactive Youth

In the "Reactive Youth" project, the EGTC Alpine Pearls is working with 7 partners from Europe in favour of a bottom-up approach to improving the development of rural areas through the networking of…

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State of natural calamity following the flooding events of 29 and 30 June 2024
Activation of a bank account to collect funds

Please note that as of Friday 5 July, a bank account has been opened for donations to help the people of Cogne affected by the floods on 30 June, details of which are given below.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Municipality of Cogne Flood 2024
Banc: Banca BCC Valdostana
Reason: Offerta pro alluvione Cogne 2024 (Donation for the 2024 flood)
IBAN: IT93R0858731590000000003810