Bergbahn Disentis Sedrun
Bergbahn Gondel Disentis 3000
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps
Schneeschuhwanderung Abendsonne Disentis
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps
Schneeschuhlaufen Disentis
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps
Bergbahn Disentis Sedrun
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps
Wandern mit Aussicht in Disentis
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps
Glacierexpress Disentis
Alpine Express Train – Exploring the Source of the Rhine River
Pearl of the Alps

Softly Mobile Holiday in Disentis/Mustér (Switzerland)

The History of the Alps in the Heart of the Grisons Canton

A “cordial beinvegni” to our guests here in Disentis. This is a greeting in the Romansh language, which is woven tightly into our cultural identity and our ancient tradition. The Via Lucamagn to the east of the Gotthard Mountain has been a major road connecting north and south since ancient times. Disentis still remains an important junction for international train traffic as well as long-distance hiking and biking. Experience our fascinating culture, enjoy its cosy atmosphere and delight in the many activities this village has to offer! 


Winter days are dedicated to skiing, snowshoeing and ski touring through spectacular scenery. Hiking and mountain tours make up your summer adventures in this rugged terrain. The best way to start your trip is to board the Glacier Express and experience the Swiss mountains from inside the train. You’ll be rewarded with many breath-taking vistas of the great outdoors. At the source of the Rhine River, you will get a first-hand account of where this great river really starts. And after panning for gold for a while (maybe you’ll be lucky!!!), you can relax in one of our comfortable hotels and charming Alpine huts and delight in our culinary treats. Read more: 

Glacier Express Disentis
Premium Pearl for TRAIN TRAVEL

The legendary Swiss train/postbus network in Disentis provides convenient mobility

Wandern Rheinquelle Disentis
Premium Pearl for HIKING

Hikers' paradise with well-marked trails up to an altitude of 3,000 m

Mountainbike Tour in Disentis
Premium Pearl for MOUNTAIN BIKING

Mountain bikers’ paradise - delightful tours, awesome trails and excellent maps in Disentis

Schneeschuhwanderung Disentis
Premium Pearl for SNOWSHOEING

Explore 100 km of excellent snowshoe terrain surrounded by unspoiled nature


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Guaranteed mobility without your car

Special softly mobile services in the Pearl


From train station/bus stop to your destination

Disentis train station is located in the town centre. Take the free local bus from here to your lodging. Many hotels/guesthouses offer free pickup services from the train station.



The free local bus takes you to all major tourist destinations and hotels of Disentis.



The local taxi service takes you wherever the public transportation doesn’t.



Rental stations in Disentis help you find just the right bicycle, mountain bike or e-bike for your needs plus all accessories necessary to guarantee an enjoyable trip.


“Disentis Sedrun inclusive” GUEST CARD

Free for overnight guests, this card gives you free use of trains, buses and in summer also of the cable cars.



The postbus in Disentis is a convenient way to get to Lukmanier pass and many other destinations and trailheads.


CABLE CAR (Free Use with Guest Card in the Summer)

In the summer, the Disentis 3000 cable car station is the starting point for many hikes, climbs and awesome mountain bike tours.



Between may and october the nightbus connects Disentis with Andermatt.

Accommodations in Disentis/Mustér

Our eco-friendly Alpine Pearl-affiliated hosts

Hotel Restaurant La Furca Disentis
Hotel Restaurant Disentis La Furca

Hotel Restaurant La Furca

Next to train station. Local dishes, wireless internet, garage and tools for your bike, tips for bike tours

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Summer adventures
Winter adventures

Summer adventures

Enjoy your softly mobile summer holiday in


Experience the fun of driving with the KYBURZ eRod

Discover the beautiful landscape around Disentis with the eRod and experience real fun and mobility without emission!

Radfahren in der BikeArena St. Gotthard

BikePass St. Gotthard

Discover the BikeArena St. Gotthard by bike. The numerous trails and passes are perfect for interesting tours and thanks to the BikePass you can enjoy free travel on different bus and train routes.

Mountainbiken in Disentis

Disentis Sedrun inclusive

In the summer, overnight guests in Disentis enjoy free train and bus transportation. In addition, a number of select cable cars are free of charge AND you have free access to the adventure pool and the sport centre!

Goldwaschen am Rhein

Gold and Crystals

The rocks in the mountain range around Disentis may surprise you with crystals and panning for gold near the source of the Rhine River is a tradition passed down through the ages: Follow the call of the glittering jewels and let an expert show you how and where to find the precious metals!

Wanderung Rheinquelle

Hike to the Source of the Rhine River

Discover the source of life – the Rhine River! A mountain trail takes you from the Oberalp Pass to Tomasee, the source of the Anterior Rhine. You may want to stop for refreshments and splendid views at the Badus-Hütte or the Maighleshütte nearby.

Winter adventures

Enjoy your softly mobile winter holiday in

Rodeln Schlitteln Disentis


For an exhilarating ride down the hill, pick one of the 4 sled runs. Each provides its own adrenaline rush! On Thursdays evenings, the free bus takes you from Disentis to Sedrun for a special sledding adventure on slopes illuminated by floodlight!

Langlauf in Disentis

Insider's Tip for Cross-Country Lovers

The “Cadi“ trail takes you from Disentis through stunning scenery with lovely sparsely wooded forests along the Rhine all the way up to Trun. Upon arrival, simply hop on the train back to Disentis.

Schneeschuhwanderung und Fondue

Snowshoe Hike Complete with Fondue Delight

A guided snowshoe hike followed by a candlelight fondue dinner... how much more romantic can you get?

BMW i3 Disentis

Rent a BMW i3

Disentis extends its mobility guarantee by providing a BMW i3. With the brand new electric car, Guests and residents can now explore the breath taking scenery in a gently mobile way. 4 seats, unlimited kilometers and an insurance for 50 CHF/day.

Holidays in Disentis/Mustér

Discover the specialitities our Premium Pearl Disentis/Mustér has to offer

Anreise mit dem Glacier Express
Glacier Express vor dem Kloster Disentis

Premium Pearl for TRAIN TRAVEL

The best way to start your holiday is the gently way: with a comfortable train trip through spectacular scenery. Just lean back and gaze through the window. Especially the journey through the Rhine River Gorge will keep you spellbound. High waterfalls, deep gorges, high bridges and pitch-black tunnels. The train takes you to the highest through station of Europe at the Oberalp Pass, which is accessible all year round. For overnight guests at Disentis Sedrun, the cost of this train trip is included in your stay. Read more: Train Travel Disentis/Mustér

Premium Pearl for HIKING

Explore this beautiful pearl of the Disentis Sedrun region a step at a time. Discover the most important European watershed, which separates the rivers that empty into the North Sea from those that feed the Mediterranean Sea. This is where the Rhine is “born.” If you prefer a challenging hike or mountain tour, don’t be overwhelmed by the abundance of mountains that exceed an altitude of 3,000 m. You can also get yourself a bit of a head start by taking the cable car or Gotthard railway. This way, you’ll reach your goal slightly less sweaty, but no less excited. Read more: Hiking Disentis/Mustér 

Herbstwandern in Disentis
Wandern mit Kindern in Disentis
Mountainbike Urlaub in Disentis

Premium Pearl for MOUNTAIN BIKING

Use the mountain bike to conquer the most famous passes of the Alps. Frederick I, also known as Barbarossa, already appreciated the Lukmanier Pass as the fastest pass to connect the north with the south. All you have to do is trade in those horse hoofs for wheels and you got it. How about crossing several Alpine passes with your mountain bike? – Not a problem. Pedal as hard as you can; or let the e-bike give you a hand. And for the convenient, free way to get you, your luggage and your mountain bike back to your holiday resort, make sure you get the BikePass St. Gotthard.  Read more: Mountain Biking Disentis/Mustér

Premium Pearl for SNOWSHOEING

Our winter trails are always well-prepared to make stomping through the winter world an enjoyable experience. But if you want to get away from the beaten tracks and delight in quiet getaway spots, you’ll find about 100 km of marked, avalanche-free trails for snowshoe tours. Strap on those snowshoes and stomp through the pristine winter world deep into the Nation Park project “Parc Adula”. You will find the serenity and peace that you dreamed about on your train journey here. And you will dream of it again on your train ride home! Read more: Snowshoeing Disentis/Mustér

Schneeschuhwanderung bei Pulverschnee

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