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Worth experiencing. Ice fishing at Lake Weissensee.

Feel the magic of the moment
When a thick sheet of ice covers Lake Weissensee, fishing fans cast out their lines and soak up the wonder of nature.

Winter magic embraces you as the landscape is bathed in the red light of dawn. Cocooned in warm clothing, fishing fans head out with sledge, ice auger, fishing rod, and bait to enjoy ice fishing on the shore of Lake Weissensee. An up to 40-centimetre-thick sheet of ice covers the picturesque lake. Underneath, numerous lake dwellers glide peacefully through the quiet waters, knows the experienced angler, who is drawn to the lake in both summer and winter. Snow has fallen overnight. The angler clears it away. He then takes his ice auger and twists it skilfully into the ice. On a short rod, he then lets the line with the bait slide down into the dark hole and moves it gently and carefully up and down. As if by magic, pearls of ice form on the thin line. The smooth movement is almost meditative.

The first rays of sunlight climb over the mountains and scatter across the vast icy surface, which sparkles like a polished diamond. Then, all that’s left to do is wait with a steaming cup of tea – until a magnificent specimen bites and the bell sounds, echoing in the soothing silence. Perch, trout, pike, and “Reinanken” whitefish can be fished here at marked spots in compliance with the closed periods. For ice fishing, you’ll need patience and a valid fishing permit, which you can get from the municipality or the local fishing association.

You might not always get a bite, but that doesn’t detract from the unique natural experience. Quite the opposite: The stillness of the lake, the radiance of the winter sun, the sparkling of the ice, and the wonder-rich view are food for the soul. The golden evening light means it’s time to return to the shore. Here and there, you can see the ice holes from the previous day. Under the ice, tiny, white air bubbles have formed, encircled by intricate ice crystals. Sometimes nature’s greatest wonders are found in the smallest things.

Experience the wonder of nature. Discover ice fishing at Lake Weissensee.