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Worth seeing. Savica waterfall.

Worth seeing. Savica waterfall.

A natural wonder amidst the mountains
Your eyes widen. A sense of peace fills you at the sight of Savica waterfall as it thunders its way down into the deep.

Your eyes widen. A feeling of peace fills you. And a sense of awe – at the sight of the two torrents of water plunging powerfully over the steep rock faces of Komarča into a pool. With its vibrant shades of green, it looks like an emerald gleaming in the sunlight. The 78-metre-high Savica waterfall near Bohinj is undisputably one of the most stunning natural treasures that Slovenia has to offer.

With its unique, mystical, mysterious nature, it captivates all who set eyes upon it. Fine water droplets dew your skin, refreshing and revitalising you, while the rhythmic roar soothes your soul. Your gaze unhurriedly follows the tumbling water from top to bottom before retracing its path and starting again. Your eyes simply drink in this unique natural spectacle. The waterfall is especially glorious in spring, when the snow on the mountains is slowly melting.

You can combine your trip to the waterfall with a wonderful circular walk that starts at the car park in Ribčev Laz. A wide path first leads along the northern shore of Lake Bohinj before becoming a narrow trail that runs through a dense forest. You then continue along the base of the mountain slopes until you reach a large riverbed with a water cave above it. The path then continues onwards to a small meadow, where the ascent to the waterfall begins, leading you first to a mountain hut and then over 530 steps to the natural marvel. After a short rest, you head first to the village of Ukanc before following an idyllic trail back to your starting point.

The hike is easy but around 20 kilometres long, meaning it requires a certain amount of stamina. But it’s worth the effort, as Savica waterfall and Lake Bohinj are some of the most stunning destinations in Triglav National Park.

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