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Discover the Mt Predigtstuhl lift

Worth seeing. The Mt Predigtstuhl lift.

Glide up to new heights in the “Grande Dame” of the Alps
Established in 1928, the Mt Predigtstuhl lift is the world’s oldest preserved large-cabin cable car. Discover the “Grande Dame” of the Alps.

It’s affectionately called the “Grande Dame of the Alps”. We’re talking about the Mt Predigtstuhl lift in Bad Reichenhall, a technological wonder that has delighted generations of visitors and is today a protected monument. Established in 1928, the Mt Predigtstuhl lift is the world’s oldest preserved large-cabin cable car. Its construction almost 100 years ago was a technological feat, a prime example of engineering artistry that harmoniously fused technology and nature. Some 800 workers beavered away on the steep rock faces to complete this spectacular structure in just 14 months.

Since then, people have been transported from the valley up 1,583-metre-high Mt Predigtstuhl in just eight and a half minutes. The journey in the historic cabins, which are designed with elegant details, impressively demonstrate how tradition and advancement can go hand in hand. As you glide upwards, you enjoy bird’s-eye views over the valley and the Chiemgau mountains. Once you reach the top, you find yourself in another world as your gaze drifts far out to the peaks of the Berchtesgaden National Park and the sparkling ribbon of the Salzach River.

Time seems to have no meaning up here. The peaceful mountain restaurant was built at the same time as the cable car and still exudes the charm of the Golden Twenties today. After a short rest at this tranquil treasure, numerous paths lead you through the unspoilt natural landscape of Mt Predigtstuhl. The short, leisurely panoramic loop brings you up to the summit of Mt Predigtstuhl and via the listed mountain hut on the Schlegelmulde back to the mountain station. If you’re feeling more ambitious and are surefooted, the Alpine circular route is absolutely worth experiencing. It leads past the mountain hut on the Schlegelmulde and Mt Hochschlegel to the Karkopf peak.

Experience the wonders of nature and technology. Discover the Mt Predigtstuhl lift.