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Worth seeing: the Christmas market in Bad Reichenhall

Worth seeing. The Christmas market in Bad Reichenhall.

Discover the magic of Advent.
When the nights grow longer and the days colder, our hearts grow warmer, as that’s when the Christmas market in Bad Reichenhall opens.

The glorious winter sky grows darker and darker, until thousands upon thousands of sparkling stars shine out from its depths. The Christmas lights come to life in the streets and lanes of the old town, illuminating the way to the Christmas market in Bad Reichenhall. The scent of roasted almonds, fresh waffles, fragrant roasted bread, and warming mulled wine drift enticingly up to your nose and fill you with a sense of Christmas cheer.

The Christmas market in Bad Reichenhall is such a merry place. A place where even the coldest evening becomes a heart-warming experience that makes your spirits soar. The festively decorated stalls stand side by side like a string of pearls. As well as culinary delights, regional specialities and handicrafts are on display here. A new highlight for this year is the “pop-up hut” where various institutions, artists, and alternative producers present their ideas and products, including African art, vegan specialities, book gardens, crocheted bags, natural products made of clay and wood, biscuits, walking clothing, hot Aperol, and other high-quality, original products.

The musical accompaniment and the children’s programme are just as varied and colourful as what you’ll find at the pop-up hut. The little ones will listen to the exciting Christmas stories wide-eyed with wonder, eagerly decorate cookies, lovingly make Christmas presents, and proudly walk along leading a llama with their parents by their side on a guided tour of the town. Speaking of children: The wishes of children in need hang on the charity wishing tree in the Diana Passage. Simply take a note, transfer the named amount, and bring a little happiness into the lives of these children who haven’t enjoyed such a sunny start to life.

Discover the Christmas market. Find festive joy.