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Moena: a cross-country skiing paradise

Worth experiencing. Cross-country skiing in Moena.

Gently glide into a magical world
Gently glide into a magical world of ice and snow while cross-country skiing in Moena. Experience this winter delight.

Millions of snowflakes dance down from the sky. More and more. Each one unique. Silently and peacefully, they cover the landscape in a thick, white blanket. Every roof, every lantern, every fountain is dressed in white winter finery. And the trees in the gardens resemble white coral. In the background, the snow-covered Dolomites peaks tower upwards, which were formed from coral reefs millions of years ago and have borne silent witness to the history of the Earth. A sense of peace and awe fills you. This scenery enchants everyone who sees it. It stays in your heart and leaves you with indelible memories. The best way to soak up the wonder of this winter landscape is while cross-country skiing in Moena.

A network of around 50 kilometres of tracks extends out around the pretty village at the heart of Val di Fassa, which has lost none of its original charm. The fairy of the Dolomites, as the municipality is lovingly known, enchants cross-country skiers time and time again. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skating fan, pure cross-country skiing bliss awaits you in Val di Fassa – on the Marcialonga, for example, which roughly translates to “long march” in English. And what might well be the most famous of all the trails in Val di Fassa is certainly long. It covers 70 kilometres and leads from Val di Fassa to Val di Fiemme. It’s no wonder that it’s the venue for exciting marathons as well as cross-country skiing races.

You’ll find a more sedate pace on the San Pellegrino pass, which connects Trentino with the province of Belluno. As well as the TreValli ski carousel, you’ll also find the Alochet cross-country skiing centre here with its four loops of different difficulty levels that lead you over vast meadows and through snow-kissed forests. 

Experience the peace of winter. Discover cross-country skiing in Moena.

State of natural calamity following the flooding events of 29 and 30 June 2024
Activation of a bank account to collect funds

Please note that as of Friday 5 July, a bank account has been opened for donations to help the people of Cogne affected by the floods on 30 June, details of which are given below.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Municipality of Cogne Flood 2024
Banc: Banca BCC Valdostana
Reason: Offerta pro alluvione Cogne 2024 (Donation for the 2024 flood)
IBAN: IT93R0858731590000000003810