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Hiking in the Maritime Alps Nature Park

Worth experiencing. Hiking in the Maritime Alps Nature Park.

Become one with nature, step by step
Your gaze lifts, and your spirit soars. Hiking in the Maritime Alps Nature Park immerses you in an untamed mountain world where nature sets the pace.

Your gaze lifts, and your spirit soars. You unhurriedly set one foot in front of the other. Pure mountain air flows into your lungs. Joy fills your heart, which beats in time with nature on your hike in the Maritime Alps Nature Park. This refuge is home to a hiking trail network with a variety of difficulty levels that whisks you away into a world of natural wonder. From leisurely routes surrounded by perfume-rich Alpine meadows to ambitious mountain tours that lead up towards the heavens, around Limone Piemonte, a treasure trove of worthwhile hikes awaits you. One of these is the tour up Mt Vecchio, which lets you discover the beauty of the area step by step.

The mountain giant towers into the sky, standing gentle watch over the valley. A well-signed path leads you from Limone Piemonte up to the summit. The route, which takes around four hours, begins in Limone Piemonte and winds through rocky terrain and a dense forest up to a shade-rich track across the meadows. This initially takes you to the Coletta pass and then to Colletto di Cagera, which opens up spectacular views of Val Grande and Palanfrè. You then continue to the end of the forest, where the path winds along the ridgeline up to the summit of Mt Vecchio. Standing at the top is an incredible feeling. The valley beneath you, the mountains beside you, the sky above you, and a feeling of peace growing within you. After a short rest, continue over the ridge to the grassy col of Colle Arpiola (1,700m, 30 minutes). In June and July, it’s worth making a detour to the nearby Costa degli Artesin. “Artesin” is the local word for the Alpine roses that bloom here in all their colourful splendour during these two months. From the Colletto, a sunny trail first leads to Maire Volpigera and then to a waymarker above Tetti Ziton (1,310m, 1 hour). Here, the path branches off to the right, leading to the “Garp dei Camilla”. From there, you head downhill back to your starting point.

Experience the beauty of the mountains. Discover Limone Piemonte.