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Ski tours in Mallnitz

Worth experiencing. Ski tours in Mallnitz.

Set your sights on new peaks
The winter air is ice-crystal clear, the view of the mountains vast. Experience the magic of winter on a ski tour in Mallnitz.

The winter air is ice-crystal clear, the view of the mountains vast. The first rays of sunshine are peeking out from behind the peaks. The snow that embraces the summit sparkles magically, like a blanket bejewelled with a million diamonds. A feeling of boundless freedom begins to spread within you as soon as you stand at the top and look down on the peaceful mountain landscape beneath you. Mallnitz, the gateway to the Hohe Tauern, is a veritable ski touring paradise offering a rich range of routes. In this article, we’ll share three very special tours that are especially worth enjoying in late winter and spring.

#1: Up the Radeckscharte
Hop aboard the Mt Ankogel lift and glide effortlessly up to the mountain station at 2,636 metres above sea level. Now head north-eastwards up to the Radeckscharte, step by snowy step. The descent first takes you to the run-down Obere Radeckalm hut and then through Anlauftal to the train station in Böckstein. You can then return to Mallnitz by train. Trains run once an hour.

#2: Hagener hut – Geiselkopf
This ski tour is famous for its wonderful firn snow. It begins at Jamnigalm car park, which you can reach by tour taxi. A small road leads you to Laschgwand, from where you continue over moderately steep terrain to the “Tauernkreuz” cross. Then head northwards to Hagener hut, which is catered in the winter months. Seasoned ski tourers can then scale Mt Geiselkopf. This challenging ascent first takes you onto a mountain ridge, which you cross on the north-western side. You then continue in a south-westerly direction up to the summit of Mt Geiselkopf. It takes around 2 hours to walk from Jamnigalm car park to the hut, from where you need another 1.5 hours to the summit.

#3: Feldseescharte
This popular, challenging spring ski tour takes you from Jamnigalm through numerous sharp bends up the almost 1,000-metre, continually steep slope up to the bivouac shelter on the Feldseescharte. If you wish, you can continue on up to the summit of Mt Feldseekopf (2,864m). Because of the location, it’s worth setting off early.

Experience snowy wonders. Discover the ski tours in Mallnitz.

State of natural calamity following the flooding events of 29 and 30 June 2024
Activation of a bank account to collect funds

Please note that as of Friday 5 July, a bank account has been opened for donations to help the people of Cogne affected by the floods on 30 June, details of which are given below.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Municipality of Cogne Flood 2024
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