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Forest bathing in Alpe Cimbra

Worth experiencing. Forest bathing in Alpe Cimbra.

Relaxation in harmony with nature
Move deeper into the forest, step by step. Each breath leaves you feeling freer. And lighter. Discover the magic of forest bathing.

Step by step, you immerse yourself deeper in the forest at Alpe Cimbra. Each breath leaves you feeling freer. And lighter. Forest bathing does wonders for body, mind, and soul. Because of its health-promoting effect, “shinrin-yoku” has long been an important aspect of healthcare in Japan. The tranquillity of the forest and the enveloping fragrance of resin and pine, and the pure air all cocoons you in comfort and makes the weight of everyday burdens and cares fall from your shoulders.

A feel-good experience. Whatever the season.
Forest bathing at Alpe Cimbra
is worthwhile throughout the year. In spring, as nature is slowly awakening, the forest is overflowing with a sense of vivacity and joy. While hiking through the forest during the summer months, you’ll feel the energy given off by the trees in their full splendour. Autumn treats you to rich colours that are a delight to behold. In winter, when the trees are blanketed under thick snow, you’ll experience the soothing peace that wraps itself lovingly around your soul. Whatever time of year you enjoy bathing in the forests of Alpe Cimbra, the pines will fill you with new strength and energy.

Two paths. One wonder-rich experience.
Alpe Cimbra offers two very special paths that lead you deep into the forest: the Sentiero dei Giganti (meaning path of giants) and the Sentiero del Respiro degli Alberi (meaning path of the trees’ breath). The name “Sentiero dei Giganti” is well deserved. Countless gigantic silver firs stretch high into the sky, some of them over 50 metres tall. The child-friendly path begins at Malga Laghetto pasture and leads into the valley of the Rio Torto river. On the Sentiero del Respiro degli Alberi, a trail that begins at Tomazol in Lavarone, art and nature melt together, letting you form new connections with the natural world.

Find soul-soothing peace. Discover Alpe Cimbra.

State of natural calamity following the flooding events of 29 and 30 June 2024
Activation of a bank account to collect funds

Please note that as of Friday 5 July, a bank account has been opened for donations to help the people of Cogne affected by the floods on 30 June, details of which are given below.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Municipality of Cogne Flood 2024
Banc: Banca BCC Valdostana
Reason: Offerta pro alluvione Cogne 2024 (Donation for the 2024 flood)
IBAN: IT93R0858731590000000003810