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Almabtriebe in and around our pearls

Devétéya é Féra de Cogne©Paolo Rey
Almabtrieb Moos in Passeier
Almabtrieb Ratschings

The animals which have eaten juicy grass and aromatic herbs on the Alpine pastures of our Alpine Pearls over the summer are driven to the valley where they spend the winter. For this, cows, horses, goats, ponies and many other animals are "bristled" with flowers, ribbons, banner and sacred tablets and driven home from the mountain pastures to greet the autumn. Our pearls, in which an Almabtrieb takes place, have their own tradition with typical processes of the Almabtriebe and culinary food after the Almabtrieb. Also, the jewelry of the animals differs in each region, which makes the respective Almabtriebe unique!


Appointments 2019


Devétéya é Féra

28.-29.September 2019




10. Mallnitzer Almabtrieb

21. September 2019



Moos in Passeier

Passeirer Almabtrieb

21. September 2019


Zeppichler Almabtrieb

28. September 2019




Almabtrieb im Jaufental

21. September 2019


Almabtrieb Ridnaun