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Alpine Pearls E-Tour

E-Tour Alpine Pearls

Travel through the world without any emission is possible! This is the challenge of the 1st Alpine Pearls E-Tour. A trip where men and electric cars will be protagonists of the most sustainable event of the year. 7 fully electric cars, 1,600 km to cross, 6 countries within the Alps, all this with no environmental impact.

With the patronage of the European Union, the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the Italian Ministry of Transport, the Energy System Research Organization (RSE), some National Parks and numerous associations, the E-tour caravan will start its journey from the 4th to 10th of July. The first Alpine Pearls E-tour will join several European locations with the aim to uncover the most sustainable idea of ​​mobility: the electric car. High technology, passion for the environment and sustainable tourism will be the key points of this special tour.

The main promoter of this project is an association of European mountain municipalities, the Alpine Pearls, born from the European project Alps Mobility. The mission of this association is to merge alpine villages and help them to promote tourism based on sustainable mobility, respect for the environment and love for Nature. The elements of this green enterprise will be seven electric cars and seven crews. Every crew is composed by electric mobility, sustainability and tourism experts, who will travel through the Alps using renewable energies. Tesla Destination Tour, Alpine Green Experience, Power Cruise Control and all the other crews will move with some of the most popular electric cars promoted by Nissan, Renault, Tesla, BMW and Jaguar.

The Alpine Pearls E-Tour won’t be a speed race but a test to demonstrate that a sustainable tourism and electric mobility can be fused together to promote a different way to explore the world and save the environment. The departure will take place in Cogne (Italy), in the Gran Paradiso National Park, while the arrival will be in Bled (Slovenia), in the Triglav National Park. Cogne and Bled located into two opposite side of the Alps, both awarded in 2018 among the 100 most sustainable destinations in the world. The E-tour will also celebrate them and this important result. The electric cars will reach different Alpine Pearls’ members and further municipalities: Les Diablerets, Interlaken and Arosa in Switzerland, Moos and Ratschings in Alto Adige, Moena in Trentino, Valbrenta in Veneto and Weissensee in Austria. Moreover, other villages in France and Liechtenstein will be crossed by the E-tour.

Social media will follow the caravan to document the journey and enhance the great commitment of the Alpine Pearls to promote a new type of tourism. In Aosta, Bolzano, Bled and Milan will take place the press conferences in which the E-tour participants will promote the Alpine pearls way to promote an environmental friendly tourism. Crews, new technologies, breathtaking views and countries located among the Alps all together to spread a green idea of ​​mobility.