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Wildlife observation in Forni di Sopra

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The Friulan Dolomites Nature Park hosts the wildlife area "Area Faunistica Parulana". Very close to our pearl Forni di Sopra you can observe lynx, fox, deer and owl in their natural environment.

While visiting the wildlife, respect for the fauna is the essential element. To observe the animals, you must be quiet and respectful and possibly also use binoculars. There are two guided tours - a 1.5-hour walk or a 2.5-hour lesson, which goes deeper into the biodiversity of the area.

The wildlife Parulana is not a zoo, but an intermediate zone between the habitats of humans and animals, which makes it possible to observe animals in nature. The design therefore emphasized the fact that the animals find a natural habitat and their freedom is preserved. On the one hand, the Faunistica Parulana area aims to bring the visotors closer to animals in their natural habitats, but because of their habits, they are rarely seen in the wild. On the other hand, projects for endangered species are to be started. The animal enclosures are intentionally very spacious in order to ensure the animals a natural environment as possible. As in the wild it is not always possible for visitors to observe the animals with the naked eye - therefore it is advisable to bring a pair of binoculars. Pictures that are memorable - even if you do not bring any photos home!

The wildlifearea covers an area of ​​5 hectares with the following animal enclosures, all of which are crossed by a natural stream: about 0.5 hectares for the red fox, about 2 hectares for red deer, about 1 hectare for the lynx as well an aviary for owls.

The Area Faunistica Parulana can be easily reached on foot from Forni di Sopra: a beautiful hiking trail leads from Forni di Sopra along the Tagliamento River. Alternatively, you can rent a bike or e-bike in the village center at Ecomotion to reach the park.