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Cogne is cleaning up

Sustainable May in Cogne

Spring is approaching in our Alpine Pearls. Nature transforms again into a sea of ​​flowers and shows itself in all its facets - unfortunately, with all the beauty also everything else shows up again like thrown away paper and plastic waste. Every event, every tourist and every inhabitant leaves footprints. However, we want to preserve the Alpine space for future generations, so it’s important to create a footprint as green as possible and to move softly mobile on our way. Now our pearl Cogne has launched a clean-up campaign called Organic May, in which anyone can volunteer to clean up nature in and around Cogne. That's how everyone gets something out of it: the inhabitants who live in the beautiful village all year round and also the tourists who (want to) find a clean environment and thus can enjoy the holiday 'clean'.

A sustainability project for a clean Alpine Pearl

On May 4, the clean-up started with a high level of volunteer involvement, including adults and many children. Under a tentative spring sun, the keen helpers collected plastic, paper, glass and all the other trash on the streets and meadows to give the flowers and all other plants a chance to grow. Especially the new generations are very concerned about their influence on the environment and its effects, combined with a great respect for nature. It is therefore extremely important that the "adults of tomorrow" have great understanding and respect for the environment in order to keep the future clean. The whole month of May in Cogne, is dedicated to clean up the village. Volunteers are always welcome and can contribute to a cleaner environment by stopping by in the tourist office of Cogne and collect the equipment (gloves and garbage bags or buckets) for the "spring cleaning" and then it's time to go for the trash!