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e-MOTICON project presents White Book

 e-MOTICON project

The e-MOTICON project (e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space) started in November 2016 and is now after 3 years coming to an end in June 2019. The main goal of the project was to work on the problem of low and inhomogeneous deployment of e-mobility which affects the entire Alpine Space. In general, the project focused on the limited integration of planning instruments used by Public Administrations and their lack of knowledge in technological innovation and business modelling.

Throughout the project, 5 partners and more than 40 observers from 5 European countries developed tools and solutions for the Public Administrations in support of a widespread distribution of interoperable electric charging infrastructure. The partnership aims to help public administrations guarantee a homogenous development of electromobility. The partners of the project then elaborated a WHITE BOOK which consists of a unique Alpine Space strategy on innovative electric charging stations (E-CS) planning complying with the e-mobility requirements. This transnational strategy was then integrated and customized into 5 Regional Action Plans (RAP), the partners provided a toolset to anticipate E-CS network requirements, tested in three joint pilot actions. In order to involve Public Administrations and representatives of the e-mobility industrial sector, research centres, regional agencies, end users and public transport agencies, a transnational community was set up with the main achievement of improving the Public Administrations’ capacity on E-CS planning and enhancing the transnational cooperation.The e-MOTICON White Book and the e- MOTICON Guidelines (a short summary of the practical findings, conclusions and recommendations collected throughout the project) are further available in an English printed version and also in your local language upon request at each project partner.

Within the project, Alpine Pearls developed an online Networking Platform to encourage the transnational exchange on e-mobility and to support a homogeneous diffusion of e-mobility in the Alpine Space. The Networking Platform consists of several user groups, each of which discusses a specific topic on e-mobility. Therefore, current developments, problems and achievements in the sector of e-mobility can be discussed easily. Through the Networking Platform users can also access the training course dedicated to learning more about chances and challenges related to electric charging infrastructure. Information on funding and financing of electric E-CS, the types of E-CS, interoperability, roaming or the role of public administration in E-CS planning or on how to define the ideal numbers and locations for E-CS can also be found here. The training course is complemented with best practices on E-CS and e-Mobility in the Alpine Space countries. Access the Networking Platform and join the user group "e-MOTICON Project Outcomes” in order to discuss the contents of the course with the e-MOTICON project partners and other users.

The latest Newsletter of the e-Moticon project can be found here or on the website of the e-MOTICON project: