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Julijana long- distance trail

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Starting in autumn 2019, there will be a 300-kilometer long-distance hiking trail in the Julian Alps near our Slovenian pearl Bled. In 16 stages, the route takes you through the beautiful Triglav National Park and the Biosphere Reserve of the Julian Alps (UNESCO MAB). The trail connects alpine valleys and pastures and reveals rich cultural and historical heritage as well as culinary traditions of the Alpine region. In addition to the alpine architecture, there are hidden idylls and corners of this unique, diverse Alpine landscape.

On the long path of the hiking trail, you will always be accompanied by the Triglav mountain range, which is located in the middle of the Julian Alps and at the same time considered the national symbol of Slovenia. During the hike the Triglav Mountain Range can be viewed from all sides and shows its thousand different facets. The long-distance trail Julijana is suitable for families and all generations, but a basic physical condition is required to master the route. It is your choice at what stage of the long-distance trail you want to start. The average length of a stage is 17.5 kilometers, while the longest stage is 25 kilometers long.

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